IT Transformation

IT Transformation

Strategic planning and implementation

TrustPoint works with healthcare organizations that are in various phases of IT development and technology implementations. You may wish to bridge or patch your existing frameworks, or fully redesign your infrastructure to support a new Electronic Medical Record system implementation from leading vendors such as Epic or Cerner. We use a finely honed and proven process to assess, design and execute organizational and technological objectives in order to ensure a strategic fit that aligns with your business goals.

Some of TrustPoint Solutions’ IT Transformation services include:

  • Full Lifecycle Development of Epic Architecture and Integration
  • Developing/Mentoring Technology Leadership
  • Structuring Staff and Organizational Components
  • Rationalizing Technology and its Architecture
  • Service management program assessment, re-design and re-implementation
  • Integrating disparate architectures post-acquisition
  • Reviewing IT Processes and Developing a Maturity Roadmap

*It is worth noting that some firms may recommend or design solutions, but do not assist in implementing or measuring them. One of the ways that TrustPoint uniquely adds value to healthcare IT organizations is through our ability to participate in all phases of technology assessment, planning, and execution. By doing so, TrustPoint has been proven to eliminate unnecessarily redundant efforts, improve strategy execution, reduce lag time, and result in an overall cost savings.