ERP hosting review and analysis for large academic medical center located on the East Coast

Services: Strategic Planning Services

The Challenge

TrustPoint was asked to review this Health System’s hosting options for their large ERP installation. The health system asked to have a full analysis done comparing their in-house ERP solution vs. several cloud hosted solutions. 

Our Approach

TrustPoint gathered the requirements, developed a RFP and compiled all the responses in which both cloud-hosted and in-house ERP hosting options were evaluated. Each solution and vendor was thoroughly reviewed and a scorecard was developed to capture all of the relevant information. TrustPoint also developed a detailed financial analysis comparing each option.


TrustPoint developed a recommendation based on a number of factors such as pricing, scalability, reliability and security. TrustPoint reviewed the results of our analysis with both the IS department and hospital senior leadership teams. The Health System agreed with the recommendations and the ranking of each solution.